Feature: Cutomizable Brokerage Forms


Brokers and M&A professionals can create multiple forms and share them with sellers and buyers. Typical forms include the Confidential Business Review (CBR) or Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM). Theses forms are stored online in the cloud and can be customized to the Brokerage needs.

Agents can fill out the forms using their computers or cell phones and quickly create CBR's on the go. They can give access to the forms to their clients by activating a switch. This is a very efficient way to send information to clients avoiding lengthy emails and attachments.



The time required to write a CBR or CIM is reduced dramatically since the forms with guidance are available online in any browser after signing in. A large amount of time is also saved by having the system quickly send their buyers links to different business information instead of attaching and emailing information separately. Brokerages can also give access to forms to their sellers for verification, correction, and approval, which eliminates the amount of time spent in going back and forth with sellers for information approval.