Advanced CRM Solution for Business Brokers and M&A Advisors

Extended Deal Flow Automation, Minimum paperwork, No Software, No Hassle - All in the Cloud


Business intermediaries and Mergers & Acquisitions Advisors spend most of their time:

  • Writing emails and attaching files
  • Filing and retrieving documents
  • Faxing, scanning, saving and emailing documents
  • Copying and pasting customer information in Contracts

This unproductive time reduces deal makers' ability to generate commissions

  • Very little time is left for Intermediary/Customer interaction
  • The intermediary is perceived as disorganized and lacking sophistication by the marketplace
  • Money is wasted on complex under-utilized software programs that don't work well with each other
  • And many more issues ...

DealRelations lets you focus on your Sellers and Buyers and offers a user-friendly integrated system

  • Customer Relationships (CRM) customized to Deal Makers' needs
  • Smart Input Technology
  • Customized Buyer & Seller Forms
  • Website Content Integration
  • Document Creation, electronic signature, and Storage
  • And many other time-saving features

We provide benefits that flow directly to your bottom line

  • Salespeople are more productive and close more deals
  • The brokerage retains its salespeople who benefit from and become dependent on the System
  • Sellers enjoy easy access to all listing activities and happily refer the Brokerage to others
  • Buyers conveniently access listing information and feel more comfortable making offers
  • Brokerage image and reputation improve in the marketplace