Integrated Cloud Platform

Business Brokers and M&A Advisors

Track, Automate & Job is Done!

Why DealRelations?

We take care of the technology for your practice so you can take care of your clients. We offer a completely integrated solution so you can accomplish more in less time and impress your clients with your efficiency and professionalism. 

The Biggest Time Wasters for Business Intermediaries

Writing emails and attaching files
Filing and retrieving documents
Faxing, scanning, saving and emailing documents
Copying and pasting customer information in Contracts

They would Rather Focus on Sellers, Buyers and Relationships

Customer Relationships (CRM) customized to Deal Makers' needs
Smart Input Technology
Customized Buyer & Seller Forms
Website Content Integration
Document Creation, electronic signature, and Storage
Integrated Virtual Data Rooms
Email Marketing
And many other time-saving features
All in One Integrated Solution

Digitalize Your Company and Become the Platform for Sellers, Buyers and all the Deal Team 

Your sellers enjoy easy access to their listing/engagement activities and value your work
Buyers conveniently access listing information and feel more comfortable making offers
Your company image and reputation improves in the marketplace 
Intermediaries are more efficient and close more deals
The company retains its advisors who benefit from and become dependent on your platform

Amazon AWS First Rate Security Storage

DealRelations data resides in Amazon Web Services servers in New York, USA and benefits from advanced data security, storage redundancy and backup capabilities and encryption. All files and documents are stored in Amazon S3 in New York and are linked to the application using encrypted expiring links with an advanced versioning system.

Advanced Automation

DealRelations helps you digitalize and automate your deal process and adapts to your own needs. For example you can set the system to automatically send an NDA for leads coming from BizBuySell for some listings but only send a thank you email and set up a task for you to follow up for another listing. You can also setup multiple follow up emails for buyers who have not signed an NDA yet.
Moreover, you can set up the system to automatically give access to listing information from the data room immediately after buyers signs an NDA online.

The possibilities are just endless!

Easy Setup & User Friendly

DealRelations is intuitive and very easy to use and does not require specific knowledge of cloud systems. In just 2 hours one-on-one call, we will setup your system, customize your NDA and automations so you are ready to go.

Our Users

Since February 2015
Over 500,000 users including Business Brokers, M&A Advisors, Business Buyers, Business Sellers, Attorneys, Accountants, consultants and many others.