Feature: CRM For Deal Makers


The CRM is customized to deal makers needs. Unlike most CRM's that are targeted at large corporations, DealRelations is focused on small Business needs with a goal of been user-friendly to agents. The system manages:

  • Contacts
  • Companies
  • Interests: buyers expressing interest in specific businesses
  • Listings: either prospects or clients
  • Targets: prospect information downloaded from external databases
  • Offers


Get all your buyers and sellers' information in one place in the cloud. Easily search and enter information in differents forms. All information is linked to other relevant information for easy access. This is a key competitive advantage and a selling point to business sellers who are eager to know the activities on their listings on a daily basis.

The simplicity and convenience of the system make routine deal makers' activities enjoyable. This increases employee retention within the Brokerage. Furthermore, easy access to information